Sifu John Taynton

5th Degree Black Belt  –  Associate Professor

In 1990 John Taynton decided to pursue a career in martial arts.  John looked around and decided upon the art of Kempo. He joined Kempo Bushido Ryu, Karate and Gung Fu School (KBR), under the instruction of Shihan John Hamilton.

John obtained his Black Belt in 1993 and came to the conclusion that he would like to continue with his martial arts career.  He went on to receive his 2nd and 3rd degree black belts under the KBR banner.  In 1994 John was asked to oversee the Nundah branch and did so for nine years.  Under the instruction of John 5 students successfully graded to the rank of 1st degree black belt.

The year 1995 saw John receive his instructor qualification.  When John attended a KBR seminar in New Zealand, in 1996, he entered their tournament and won 1st place in the Men’s Open Self Defense Division.  In this competition John competed against over 100 contestants.  In the years 1996 – 1998 John was awarded Kempoist of the Year at the KBR Brisbane Tournament.  Also in 1997, he was awarded Instructor of the Year.

In 1999, due to unforeseen circumstances, Shihan John Hamilton broke away from KBR and started his own martial arts school called Kempo ‘Australia’. John made the decision to still train under Shihan Hamilton’s school.  John’s loyalty to Kempo ‘Australia’ was always his first priority and John helped out whenever possible. During this year, he received his Senior Instructor qualification.  In 2000, John received his 4th degree Black Belt under the Kempo ‘Australia’ banner.

During John’s time with KBR and Kempo ‘Australia’, he attended various seminars in New Zealand and Brisbane.  John also instructed at all Kempo ‘Australia’ seminars and assisted with the judging at all Kempo Australia’ tournaments.  He also assisted many gradings and was on the judging panel when students sat their Black Belt Gradings.

In June 2002,  John left Kempo ‘Australia’. His wish was to open his own branch under Kempo ‘Australia’.  But as this was no longer possible, and his thirst for martial arts was still evident, John decided to open his own school, hence Shaolin Kempo was born.  John’s first class started on the 4th of September 2002 at Springwood Road State School.

John still teaches some aspects of the KBR system including the Shaolin animal forms and weaponary, however he felt that the self defense sytem required updating.  John was in contact with Shane Ronganui and Grant Morrison from New Zealand and they suggested to explore the Amercian Kenpo self defense system.  After researching this Amercian Kempo, John decided to encompass these techniques within his Shaolin Kempo school.

John believed that the American Kenpo self defense techniques had more depth and practicability and would be more applicable to real life situations.

In November 2011, at a training seminar, John was graded to 5th degree Black Belt by Paul Bryant, 8th degree Black  Belt and Scott Forrest, 6th degree Black Belt.



” A true martial artist is not one who fears change, but one who causes it to happen.  To live is to change, and to obtain perfection is to have changed often. ”

Master Ed Parker 10th Degree Black Belt